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tesoro Compadre Mods

to not be in the way and hard-wired. You should have just bought a Vaquero. You should have a treasure pouch and a good digger at your side. Just enough to extend from the upper rod after the rod-lock was tightened. Last edited by eddiecurrent; Mar 29, 2016 at 07:57. If I can build a set, so can you. I have to say this, back in the days, we had cars to tinker with, took lowly slow cars, motorcycles and suped them tesoro Compadre Mods up into fast hi-performance beasts. The Silver uMax is also made. Reply With", feb 27, 2016, 12:20 AM #5.
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  • That will save you a lot of dig time and frustration! You could just thumb the On/Off knob to the minimum setting for All Metal detection (it tesoro Compadre Mods has the ED180 Disc.
  • Click on a term to search for related topics. I am wanting to add a sensitivity knob and was wondering what kind of pot I need to buy and if any one has done this please chime in and give me some pointers. I know this voids the warranty and I don #039;t care to lose.

tesoro Compadre Mods
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  2. There was a mod. Posted for the, tesoro Compadre and I am trying to find the schematic. It was to increase the sensitivity by adding a 10K resistor to a variable resistor on the circuit board labeled VR4. It was to increase detecting depth but you loose Discrimination on deeper targets.
  3. Mod, for, tesoro Compadre : I have a used 8 coil tesoro compadre. Somewhere someone said there is a pinpoint mod for this detector? I m aware i can X the area to pinpoint but prefer not. I have a nice and lucky tesoro compadre, would like to add a ground balance pot, do you think it is possible? My aim is to power balancing that little boy, in order to achieve the best results in low min areas.
I will also add the connector, I have a good 8,5 widescan coil to use. Tesoro, silver sabre umax, mOD. This was a Silver Sabre Umax that I modified back in 2005. Sure ended up looking like a Mini ter modifying the performance and the ability to ground balance was worth the effort out into. Tesoro Compadre is one of our favorite picks for both adults and children who want a metal detector thats high performance, quality-built, simple and inexpensive.

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"We all have tesoro Compadre Mods the right to find people's lost items and claim them as our own" Peggy Hill Reply With" Mar 29, 2016, 07:45 PM #12 Switchcraft is the best. It also has five search modes compared to the Compadre s two. Self built Mirage Pi's - they work great in trashy areas! They are bicycle grips found in the bike section.