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inside windows, which would normally be too high. Stalkers are prohibited from using a primary weapon, and most rely on sidearms and other equipment. Often a missed shot by a sniper will give away his position to you, and you can either countersnipe or flank him, and kill him at close range. Sprinting is the most obvious state of cloak. It is preferable not to run any decals. You'll hear my opinion during the video, but what do you think? Utilities edit edit source Passive Systems edit edit source The infiltrator can hack enemy terminals for their factions use. Stalker can potentially remain cloaked indefinitely. The more Doubt you can create, the faster you can transition from Concealment to true Stealth.


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SMGs are close range automatic weapons with great hip fire accuracy. Shield shimmer is often used by enemies. Regenerate their health and shields in any way. This is the class for any stealth oriented player or sniper. Tweet me planetside 2 Bad Module Information - /twitter @WrelPlays, plus me - m/WarpathWrel, facebook me - m/wrelplays, pC Specs can be found here - /pc-specs. Original Quality Download Available - m/l/CcqOQ, automated Turrets, which trace their lineage.


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Stalker cloak is planetside 2 Bad Module Information the only option that provides enough time in Concealment, and allows to create enough Doubt to our last known position to actually use cloak effectively for Stealth instead of just Concealment. For TR, Havoc Armor is the least visible. This article goes over your options when you get caught by an enemy at close range.