Dead Rising 2 Cheats Pc


dead Rising 2 Cheats Pc

original Dead Rising where you got the Mega Buster for killing 53,596 zombies. Head Trauma (20 points Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie. It is possible to kill over 90,000 zombies from Day 1 through Day 4 by doing nothing but this. Transporting survivors Instead of carrying survivors in your arms or on your back, push a wheelchair up to them, and wait for them sit down. Explosives Acetylene Tank Dynamite Gasoline canister Grenade Propane Tank Rocket Firework Use all of these explosives on a zombie to get the "Explosive Temper" achievement. Get rockets, and ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room. You'll know when she's eaten some because her health bar will have filled a bit. Zombie Fu (20 points Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded. Clean Record (20 points Complete The Facts. The uzi is on the house's roof. Then, go to the entrance of the Shamrock Casino (Silver dead Rising 2 Cheats Pc Strip - H106 and get the SUV. If you are back at your base early waiting for the helicopter there's a nice easy way to level. Escape From Mount Stupid: Zombie Games. Bacon Chili Repulse: Chili Large Soda Repulse: Chili Ketchup Repulse: Chili Onion Rings Repulse: Chili Pie Spitfire (Changes Chuck's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst for one minute. Homer gets his zombie on, and sings the Duck Tales song inside the Capcom Booth at E3 2013! When you "save and exit to title you keep your character's development (and PP values) for the next attempt at the game. Secret Combo Card Wingman (Queen Nectar Combine Queen and Nectar to unlock this secret Combo Card.
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  • Faster start in New Game mode. Then, go to Slot Ranch Casino, and play the large heart-shaped single pink slot machine on the first floor near the access point to the Food Court. Combo Cards unlocked by leveling up Molotov (Whiskey Newspaper) Pole Weapon (Push Broom Machete) Air Horn (Pylon Spray Paint) Gem Blower (Leaf Blower Gems) Fountain Lizard (Lizard Mask Fountain Fireworks) dead Rising 2 Cheats Pc Hacker (Flashlight Computer Case) Heliblade (Toy Helicopter Machete) Flaming Gloves. Note: This trick is still very effective at levels 45 and higher.
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  • Repeat this as many times as desired. Dead Rising for. Crackdown, Dead Rising 2 free on Xbox Live in August.


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  2. Chili Chili Energizer: Taco Hamburger Nectar (Attracts any nearby Queens to Chuck for six minutes, and spawns one Queen nearby. Combine them to make the Super Slicer, and bring it to the fight. Additionally, zombie kills are the only thing that does not carry over from a previous game. Easy money, collect all three gambling magazines. Survive for at least 5 days in Infinity Mode.
  3. Jump to: Unlockable (4) Unlockables Back to top. Dead Rising 2 Achievements. Complete each achievement to get the. For Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on the PC, GameFAQs has 51 cheat codes and secrets. Dead Rising 2 Cheats and Cheat Codes,.
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  5. Fashion Aficionado (20 points Change into 10 different pieces of clothing. (20 points Revive another player in Co-op. Pick both of these up, then enter the maintenance room, and combine them to get the Dynameat.


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